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What we do

Brain Therapeutics is your leading team of experts in restoring optimal neurological activity of the brain. Our team of top scientists and leading physicians in the neurological field collaborate to create customized treatment plans for you. We understand that medication isn’t always the answer or doesn’t always work for everyone. This is why we’re passionate about bringing you the most advanced technique in neurological healing.

We go above and beyond to listen to your concerns and needs to deliver top quality service and care for you. We are highly trained and ensure precise methods of treatment to accomplish the best possible outcomes. When you’re with us, you’re like family. Our team of specialists takes great care of every single patient we see. We’re just as thrilled as our patients are with the outcomes received.


Our mission is to help people struggling with developmental and sensory processing issues heal trauma to the brain or neurological conditions without the use of medication. We take a proactive hands-on approach to restore problematic regions of brain activity. We believe in providing our patients with fully customized treatments so they can live the life they were made to live.

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